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These are the minutes for the JUGL meet-up in March 2016.  We cover a wide variety of topics such as which forms extension to use, which blog extension, learning management systems, Joomla! 3.5, Disaster recovery and planning, and some new updates to this very website. 

Attendees & Newcomers

  • Gary Barclay (Barclay.Works)
  • Philip Walton (SoftForge)
  • Eoin Oliver (Square Balloon)
  • George Wilson (iProov & Joomla! Project Team Member (in charge of Joomla! 3.5 release)
  • Brian Teeman (Joomla! Founder Member)
  • Andrew Gould (Dentist / Dentist Learning Business), JUGL regular
  • Tony
  • Rajeev 

Do the new guys have any questions?

Phil put it to the room that some of the new guys may want to ask a question 

  • Rajeev asked: What blogging extension(s) and what form extension you would use 
  • Blogging Extensions
    • Use the core, it does everything you require
    • Easy Blog is an option which gives a lot more functionality possibly overkill for a humble blog
    • K2 is another option
    • Overall the core is good enough for most cases.
  • Form Extensions
    • RS Forms
    • Chrono Forms 
    • Breezing Forms 
    • Fabrik
    • We discussed all four options, some favoured RS Forms, some favoured Breezing forms, some favoured Fabrik although it is more complicated and not for beginners.


This month we discussed quite a few different topics and the minutes became quite long, so I have decided to split them into sections in case someone is interested in a specific topic.  Please see related articles below.

twins1Good turn out this month and a warm welcome for Simon to the group. Simon now works at Softforge and will be helping us expand JoomlaLondon in the future. Thank Simon for this writeup.

JED (Joomla Extensions Directory)The evening started with something of a change. Intro's were delayed as we were a little excited to get started with the Patch testing. Yes you heard it right, JoomlaLondon is joining the BugSquad testing unit.

LayOutItWe start the evening running through why we couldn't get the patch tester running on two of our servers. Turns out the issue is somewhere in the patch tester and is affected by a PHP setting called open_basedir. Setting this to none made the patch tester work, leave it at default and the patch tester can't find any files to apply.

TechJoomlaQuick intros: Eoin, Ryan, Melvyn, Joe, Gary, Phil, Dave, George, Andrew, Lincoln and Andrew Gould.

We also had a celebrity visitor from the Joomla Leadership Team.

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