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This video tutorial shows you how to use the JCE profiles editor to create new profiles.  This is particularly helpful if you want to:

  • ​Lessen the learning curve for your users when using JCE as a Joomla! editor.
  • Retain control over your styling.
  • Increase the upload limit for certain users.
  • Set default settings such as the image align and margins.
  • Reduce the amount of items in the toolbar.
  • Make copying and pasting from websites work correctly.

We also show you how to import and export the profiles for reuse in future projects.​

When you're using sites around the web, most of the time we hardly give a thought as to how things actually work until you come accross a process that clearly doesn't work. For a long time Joomla's standard process of login/logout was a convoluted experience of page jumps and extra buttons with limited signposts along the way.  But that's all over now...

Yes it's that time of year again, it's usually punctuated by a slightly larger event, called GoogleIO, if you're interested in that, and you should be, there is some content overlap with JAB this year...AMP for one but IoT is also covered at JAB this year. JAB15 was always going to be a hard act to follow, the content was amazing, the surge in interest it created was also measurable. It was a significant event and set the bar.

Have you ever wished you could install all of your common Joomla! components on a site when you first set it up?  Installing them all one by one can take a little while, and that's not a productive use of your time.  Well I'm going to show you TWO ways to achieve your goal, depending on how you like to do things.

Download Shadowbox Media Viewer version 4.0 for Joomla 1.5.x or version 4.1 for Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x

Shadowbox is an online media viewer application that supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customisable. Using Shadowbox, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.

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Joomla! Announcements

Joomla 5.1.1 and Joomla 4.4.5 stable

Let’s celebrate! The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the release of Joomla 5.1.1, alongside Joomla 4.4.5,This are bug fix releases for the 5.x and 4.x series of Joomla.

Joomla 5.1.1 and Joomla 4.4.5 are here!

Joomla! Magazine

Joomla 4 Beta 2 was released at the end of June,...

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On the way to the stable version of Joomla 4, we...

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Since the beginning, in Joomla, we have worked...

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