#JUGL meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month


A free Joomla! event, supporting users and developers of all abilities

Our monthly meetup helps Joomla! users to improve their Joomla! knowledge and skill.

Next JUGL meetup:

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Next Joomla London User Group (#JUGL) Monthly Meetup

  •   Guest Speaker: Christopher Mavros

  •   Topic: Learn how MyShortlist enhances Joomla websites

  •   Workshop Speaker: NA

  •   Topic: Surgery session this month, bring your issues

Jun 18
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Why attend #JUGL Meetings

People attend our events for many reasons, we welcome everyone no matter their experience.
We have all types of members from hobbyists to through to expert developers.

Meet core team members and 3rd party Joomla extension developers.

Take part in workshops to learn new skills.  From overriding Joomla to making your own plugin to creating a bespoke Component.

Meet a fun inclusive group from around the world.  Share solutions to problems and hear other people's approaches (and have a pint in non-covid times).

Find out how you can contribute to awesome Joomla community.

Enjoy light-hearted fun and bants while we discuss our projects

Learn how to implement and manage Joomla sites

Meeting Location

All our meetings are now online (thanks Covid-19)
Please check event details for more info.

Zoom meeting charlie

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