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JED (Joomla Extensions Directory)The evening started with something of a change. Intro's were delayed as we were a little excited to get started with the Patch testing. Yes you heard it right, JoomlaLondon is joining the BugSquad testing unit.

Phil and Joe had set up our test site for testing Joomla 3.4.1 patches.

We then installed the Patch tester into Joomla and linked it with Phil's github account. This then pulled in all the patches available for testing. The idea is that JoomlaLondon will start testing patches as a contribution to the community.

George then ran through the inner gubbins of the patch tester. We ran through how to test, how to report.

During this we ran into the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory) feature install from web and had a brief discussion about it's return. With George and Hugh, we got some clarity on the subject and it's future. For now the system is still installing itself as first  the Tab by default, the moment you arrive on the page, it tries to load lots of content from JED. To change this behaviour find the “Install from web” plugin and change the setting within, to ‘load as last tab’.

Amazingly on our first patch test we found a problem with the patch tester. I think JoomlaLondon users are going to be good at this...

Hugh Dauglas Smiths presentation on JAB15What followed was a BennyHill type period of trying to get things working which failed.  What does that mean?  Well it means on it's first attempt to test bugs JoomlaLondon had accidentaly uncoverred an issue with the bug testing patch installer tool.  Great start!  Unable to move ahead with that we jumped to Hugh Dauglas-Smith's presentation on JAB15.

Hugh brought back some great info and has happily allowed us to include his slides. Click on the image to get Hugh's slideshow.

George informed us that Joomla 3.4.2RC is going to be released shortly, this will be out for a week and then the final will be released then. This will be out for about 2 weekends before the full release.

J3.5 release is targeted for the first week of October.

Quick chat about the impending demise of 2.5.28 extensions on JED (Joomla Extensions Directory). They will no longer be available at the end of the month. Several of us complained about this and Phil gave an example of a developer of a Payment Gateway not being able to push new versions to JED to be found. George pointed out that he could push this update out through the update mechanism. The point is there are still too many installs happening on 2.5 and this needs to be reduced.

George also revealed what he had been doing at the weekend, rewriting Joomla Webservices. This looks like it might be finding it's way into Joomla in 3.6 finally!

And that was that, before you know we were in the pub.

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