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Official Joomla! Announcements

Now it becomes super easy to display amazon products on your Joomla website using this powerful EB Display Amazon products plugin. This plugin operates through a shortcode so you can put affiliate products anywhere on your website.


  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x and Joomla 4 alpha
  • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
  • Operates through a simple SHORTCODE
  • Works in ARTICLES as well as MODULES
  • You can use Amazon ASIN or ISBN number
  • Configurable width of product box through short-code parameter
  • You can choose from FULL Version OR Small Version(Suitable for sidebar modules)

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Ergonet Varnish Cache plugin detects an article or page update and automatically purges it from Varnish Cache. The plugin goal is to provide visitors always fresh contents.

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The best Twitter module for Joomla to create and display Twitter Feeds directly from your Twitter account. It comes up with pre-built Twitter GRID, Twitter Vertical Feed, Twitter Timeline Feed, Twitter Minimal Feed, Twitter Carousel.

⚡ No coding skills required
⚡ No API keys required


  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x and 4 Alpha
  • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
  • Connects directly with your Twitter account with just couple of clicks
  • Configurable number of Tweets to be displayed
  • Configurable with Dark Mode display
  • Pre-built Twitter GRID Style With Header Option like Cover Picture, Logo, Followers Count, Following Count, Like Counts, Tweets Count
  • Pre-built Twitter Vertical Feed Style
  • Pre-built Twitter Timeline Feed Style
  • Pre-built Twitter Minimal Feed Style
  • Pre-built Twitter Carousel Slider

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Mini Frontpage Pro is the extended version of Mini Frontpage module, an advanced news display module for Joomla. It displays the joomla articles from selected categories with date, thumbnail, excerpt in various design and layout. It’s simple and easy to use. It also comes with many parameters to configure, to help you to create a good looking news block for your Joomla website quickly.

Features :

  • Multiple item support, you can publish multiple Minifrontpage Pro modules in the same page
  • Responsive Design, the module will look good in any device
  • Flexible parameters to suit your needs, from basic parameters such article category source, show hide introtext with trim function, articles filter etc, to theme based parameters such as number of column, custom date format, thumbnail posistion etc
  • Theme skin, each theme may comes with some skins for alternate style. If you know css, you can make your own theme skin and upload it to Minifrontpage Pro skin folder
  • CSS adjustment. 
If you just need to make small style modification, there’s also a css adjustment field to add css override/modification without touching the physical file.
  • Generate thumbnail from external website / source
  • Time ago date format
  • Youtube as item background (Depends on Theme)
  • Joomla 4 ready
  • etc

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The Favoured Search Application lets you show favoured entries on top of the search results.

Control the favoured entries with a simple checkbox or radio field.

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