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nx-articleLibrary is a Joomla! module from nx-designs that converts your articles and categories into a virtual library. Thanks to the ajax support you can switch between pages without even reloading the website.

nx-ArticleLibrary presents your Joomla! articles within a module position in form of a library. Using the sidebar or modal menu (on portable devices) you can browse through the categories and articles (based on the Joomla! article structure) completly within the module. At the first step you define a category from which the module should search for subcategories & articles. These are then get prepared within the module. So you can use normal Joomla! articles and categories to display information within the nx-ArticleLibrary.

Main Features
- Displays your Joomla! articles as library
- integrated search function
- fully mobile compatible
- Ajax powered
- Customizable Themes
- Animated transitions
- Intellegent Link handling
- Prepared Content

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