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Yes it's that time of year again, it's usually punctuated by a slightly larger event, called GoogleIO, if you're interested in that, and you should be, there is some content overlap with JAB this year...AMP for one but IoT is also covered at JAB this year. JAB15 was always going to be a hard act to follow, the content was amazing, the surge in interest it created was also measurable. It was a significant event and set the bar.

This year's JAB was to be hosted in Barcelona, at the very least we could be assured of great food, weather and architecture.  All that was need was great content, great people and plenty of jBeers.  Well, I can say JAB16 delivered on all three.

As this is just a short round-up of the month in Joomla sphere I'll point you directly to the JAB16 channel on Youtube for you to review all the Joomla goodness that came from the event.  However, there we a couple of the sessions that were stand out for me.  Here's my top 3 list:

  1. JAB16 - Growth-Driven Design
  2. JAB16 - Pattern Based Responiveness - Content Marketing Evolved
  3. JAB16 - J.O.S.C.A.R.S and J-Factor

The 3rd one is not for its great intellectual content, more for its cringe content.  All in all it was a great event, met lots of great people, many of whom have promised to help us with products to review, so watch this space.

We'll also be doing a fuller round-up of the event as soon as we can create the time.

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