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Sixe Joomla Workflow is a Joomla article through the multi-stage review of Joomla content release component, completely changed the existing Joomla article approval release limitations!

We set up administrators in the background to have the flexibility to design the workflow and decide who gets to approve which articles. To manage Joomla article writing, approval, release process safe and efficient. The original Joomla article was published without review.

This component is completely for Joomla article management, all retain Joomla article functional mechanism. So whatever module or other component you use to control the article display style is completely compatible.

The design logic of the Joomla workflow is that the articles that will be published to these categories will be reviewed and managed by other users through the workflow by the administrator who constructs the workflow and assigns it to the specified categories (which can be multiple categories), and the final articles will be published in the categories.

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