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A radically new approach to creating feedback forms

  • This is a free plug-in that will remain so.
  • You do not need jQuery for this plugin!
  • Works anywhere on the site, there are no restrictions. (relevant for various page builder, online stores, etc.)
  • This is ajax plugin.
  • Works great in pop-up windows. It is possible to close them after submitting the form.
  • You can conveniently insert the yandex metrics in the plugin interface.
  • The number of feedback forms on the page is unlimited! (convenient for landings)
  • You can send photos and other files (there is control of attachments).
  • There are several fields for sending attachments.
  • Correctly works with Joomla caching.
  • The CSRF token is checked.
  • There is an integration with the messenger messaging.
  • Using the built-in ability of Joomla to make multilingual forms (for each language its own)
  • There is a function of logging sent forms
  • There is a function for selecting a destination for each form
  • It is possible to use the «One-Click Order» button in online stores and other selling pages
  • There is integration with the messenger Dialog
  • There is a possibility of inserting in the subject of a letter of any form field
  • HTML5 validation of form fields is provided
  • You can change the Reply To field.
  • There is a possibility to redefine the template of sent messages
  • Correctly works with fields with multiple values (checkbox, select multiple)
  • Added integration with the Jivosite service.
  • You can add your custom code

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