#JUGL meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month


Simple Joomla component to submit, distribute and display prayer requests.

The component uses Joomla's mailer to distribute the prayer requests submitted.

There are couple of operating modes for distribution:

development mode - prayers are sent to the site's default address only
administrators - prayers are sent to site super administrators
subscribers - users who actively subscribed using the subscription form
all - all registered Joomla users but those who actively unsubscribed using the unsubscription form or clicked the unsubscription link in mails they received

There are two types of prayer requests: the anonymous requests, where the identity of requester is revealed only in backend for super administrator users, and the normal requests, when the user's name is shown and his email address is used in mailings, so it is possible to be contacted via email.

The component fully implements the Joomla ACL.

The sent mails can be fully personalized via use of placeholder tags in a WYSIWYG editor and the attachment of custom CSS code to the mails sent.

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