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Best Joomla! parallax section builder module to build a responsive and attractive section with CSS3 based Parallax scrolling, Lettering and type witter effect.

The easiest way to get an attractive background with CSS3 based parallax scrolling, lettering and type witter effect on your Joomla! Website.

New Features Includes

Easy to Setup and Customize.
Fastest Support By Developer Team.
Control Section Height and Tittle Font Size According to Device Viewport.
Action Button.
Lettering Effect.
More Control on Background Image.
Link Option for Logo.
Pre & Post Text of Typed Title.
Full-Width with Custom Content Width.
Control Link Target Type & Logo Width.
HTML Support on Top and Bottom Content.
Control Content Alignment: Left, Center, Right.

Exclusive Features

Responsive Parallax Background.
Title with Animated Typing and Lettering Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
Background Color with Opacity.
Support Custom Content with HTML Markup.
Style Overrides Available form Template.
Customize Everything form Module Options.
Typing Content Support HTML and Multi Line Text.
Super lightweight and easy to use.
Control Section Margin, Padding and Width.
Unlimited Successively typed sentence.
Multiple Instances on One Page.
Joomla 3.9 & Joomla 4 Ready.
Multi-lingual Supported.
Animated Blinking Cursor.
Control Typing Speed.
Control Time Before Typing Starts.
Control Backspacing Speed.
Shuffle the Strings.
Support Typing String loop.
Custom Typing Cursor Character.
Life Time Support and Free upgrade.
Manage settings : typing speed, start delay, back speed, back delay, show cursor, blink cursor, loop etc.

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