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Build Joomla Modules in Minutes!

Easy to Configuration & Use

Component is very easy to configure and use! There is a user guide to help you at each step! In the same time we provide a great support to help you at each step!
Multiple Modules in one place!
Create and manage your Joomla Module Projects at one place!

Admin or Site Module

You can create Joomla Administrator Modules or Joomla Front-end Modules

Version per Module!

Create multiple versions of each module you are developing!

Manage Versions

You can add or delete any version easily at project back-end

Multiple Languages

You can add multiple languages per module project

Multiple Fieldsets

You can add multiple fieldsets per module project. This helps your users to configure the module you developed easily.

Subforms - Repetable Fields

You can add repetable fields, as known as Subforms easily.

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