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With the LoginSecure Progress Bar extension, it is super easy to display a progress bar on your website with animations. No coding is required and every aspect can be changed within the extension.

Extension features are:

3 great types of progress bars.

Select the progress bar that you like and choose between Line, Circle or Semi-Circle.

With more than 30+ types of animations.

With such an amount of animation types, it becomes almost a job to find the right one. Don't worry we got a useful link for that: LoginSecure Animation Overview!

Start animations in 4 ways

Choose between Document Ready, On Click, In View and even an On Click event targeted by an External Element

Unlimited styling possibilities!

With choices like Single Color or Multi Color, it already starts well. But it is not ending there. You can modify the Background & Foreground of the entire progress bar and apply custom Margins & Padding. Even Width and Height is included.

Show progress how you want it.

If you want to have an automatic Percentage or Number then this is possible. But what if you want to have just some text. Then you are in luck because Custom Text is also a possibility.

Multiple modules on one page

This extension is made in such a way that you can add multiple progress bars within the same page and each of them with there own styling attached to it.
Each module is completely standalone!

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