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With the LoginSecure Custom Code extension, it has never been easier to apply custom code to your website. By utilizing Joomla's native module structure you can now add any type of CSS/JS/HTML to your website and only on the pages you need.

Extension features are:

Inside < head >

Add JS or CSS directly inside the < head > tags of your template.

Just before < /body >

Sometimes it is preferred to add that little bit of JS just before the closing of the < /body > tag. It works also really well for HTML.

Inline coding like a champ

When you just need a bit of custom code, right at a specific spot. Then just use the inline settings and add your HTML, CSS or JS. This code will then be rendered at the location of the module.

RokPad Editor

This extension automatically adapts itself in case you have the RokPad Editor installed. This editor makes it so much easier to write code in Joomla. Combining it with the LoginSecure Custom Code extension was only the natural thing to do.

Multiple modules on one page

This extension is made in such a way that you can add multiple of them within the same page.
Each module is completely standalone!

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