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The LoginSecure Color Classes extension provides you with the ability to add as many colors to your website that you need. These colors are converted to classes that you can then use in your content. For instance as a module class suffix or anywhere else where you can define a class. This is especially useful in custom HTML elements into page builders.

Extensions features are:

Create your own color lists

Add your own values in the module parameters and the extension will generate your color classes for you.
Upon saving you can then use these classes to modify your content.

Modify any background color and hover state

Change any background or its hover state by assigning your specified color class to the element.

Change text elements color and hover state

Modify text elements and/or it's hover state by adding your specified color class to the element or its direct parent.

The following elements are currently supported:
- H1-6
- P
- div
- span
- strong
- small
- label
- input

Joomla Module Functionality

An extension like this is generally expected to be a plugin. But we decided to make it a module instead.
Therefore it can be added anywhere you want with Joomla's {loadposition} syntax.
Or set the position as debug and assign to specific menu items.

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