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Behind the Joomflows component there is a group of three companies specialized in the creation of high added value websites: intranet, extranet, community sites or e-commerce. Through the various specifications that we receive, we noticed that many processes did not require a direct treatment but a follow-up action, a framework of work. And since most of our clients are not monolithically structured, actions depend on multiple people or multiple services. The need to create a Workflow Manager was born.

Take an example, it will be easier to understand.

One of our clients is a training center that we could call "Pure Player" in the sense that all its activity is based on its website. Student management work ranges from registration on the site to graduation. And between these two milestones it can happen a year of administrative management, the file can pass from the registration service to the accounting department and then to the support service, exams, etc.

At each stage the processes will have to be checked, validated and sent to the next step.

Many of you work surely with heuristic maps, here is the simplified version of the part inscription required by the specifications of this project.

This diagram makes it possible to understand the interactions between the different actors, the future student to whom the registration service of the training organization requests supporting documents, as well as the accounting department and all this via emails in which are attached documents to be completed. or to sign. The origin of Joomflows comes from this schema and our desire to transform a long and complicated workflow into a simple action series to create and administer.

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