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Plugin Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Hikashop is a solution for online stores that want to provide their customers with the option of online payment by card for placed orders.

Online payments by credit card
Installed Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Hikashop plugin allows you to set card payment option in the checkout process.

Card payment in a multilingual online store
Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Hikashop overcomes language boundaries! The plugin has been structured in such a way that it can be used in single or multilingual stores.

Light form and security
Acceptance of an order with the Stripe payment method redirects you to a secure Stripe payment gateway, which has a light form that allows to enter payer and card details. Data is managed by Stripe ensuring full security of transmitted information.

Notification of successful payment
Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Hikashop updates the order status according to the plugin settings. You can also check and manage transactions from the Stripe Dashboard.

Stripe Checkout requires https (SSL) on your site.

Stripe Checkout for Hikashop is based on Stripe API. Stripe Checkout for Hikashop supports one-time payments.

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