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The official plugin for integrating Finteza web analytics with Joomla websites.

What is Finteza?

The system features real-time web analytics. Track the number of visitors, page views and events of your website. Analyze the incoming traffic quality, examine the audience behavior and build conversion funnels. Detailed statistics on users’ georgraphy and traffic sources are updated in the reports in real time!

Finteza advantages

  • Online tracking of website audience
  • Bots and toxic clicks detection
  • Stats without delays and sampling
  • Intuitive interface

For more information, visit the official Finteza website: https://www.finteza.com/

Plugin features

  • Quick registration in Finteza
  • Counter code integration in all pages of the site
  • Tracking of Link clicks


Is it free?
Yes, the web analytics system and the plugin are free.

Where do I get the website ID?
The ID will be provided to you after registration in Finteza:

  • automatically during registration, in plugin settings, or
  • in the platform panel

How do I register in Finteza?

  • In plugin settings, after the plugin installation
  • On the platform website: https://www.finteza.com/en/register/

Where do I view statistics?

On the Finteza panel: https://panel.finteza.com/
Log in using the email and password specified during registration. If you forgot the password, use the password recovery page: https://panel.finteza.com/recovery/

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