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Joomla Chat Extension provides you chatting with your visitors over several social media channels with its user friendly look and feel.

Whatsapp Connect

Visitors can contact you over whatsapp

Telegram Connect

Visitors can contact you over telegram

Facebook Connect

Visitors can contact you over facebook

Email Connect

Visitors can send you message with email

Auto Online and Offline

Chat shows automatically in the pre-defined day and hours

Dispaly Days and Hours

You can set spesific days and hours to show chat

Chat Start Icon Options

There are 4 default icons you can select as start icon

Chat text customization

You can write your own chat text

Agent Image Customization

You can upload your own image as an agent

Agent text customization

You can customize agent name and short caption

Welcome Message

You can write custom welcome message

Offline message

You can write custom offline message

Offline contact form

You can show a message form when you are offline

Show or Hide on Mobile

If you want you can hide the chat on mobile devices

Style Customizations

You can customize the colors via module backend easily

Custom Code

If you want to add custom CSS or JS code, you can add via module backend easily

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