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Would you like to speed up your extensions development?

Use BPLibrary. You will use only 5 classes, short and intuitive method naming.
No waste your time anymore and remain focused on what make difference in your wallet: your extensions development!

Just few examples:
Bp::addCss instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addStyleSheet: 31 digits shorter!
Bp::addJava instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addScript: 26 digits shorter!
Bp::addJavaCode instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addScriptDeclaration: 33 digits shorter!
Bp::addMex instead of JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage: 32 digits shorter!

It's just to start. How much are paid while you digit all surpluses? Zero.

You develop multilingual extensions, don't you?
What if your extensions have to manage plurals?
Wouldn't be cool to pass the key and an integer to the method and let it do the dirty work?
set MYLANGKEY and MYLANGKEYMORE in your language file, then use:
The method 'txt' will search for MY
LANGKEY4, if found will sprintf the language text passing the integer ('4') as the argument.
Otherwise will search for MYLANGKEYMORE and finally MYLANG_KEY if missing all the previous. The method will sprintf the text found.

Think for a moment at what you can do faster than ever and give it a try. It's FREE!

Have a look at what you can do with BPLibrary on: http://brainpies.com

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