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This is a module that displays the server status of the 5 most common server services, and also load times, connection speeds, uptime, disk and ram usage. Works on the IP address of the server and shows/hides features: server online, internet connection, ftp, sql, mail, load times/speeds, uptime, disk space, connection speed, ram usage. Select yes or no to turn each feature on or off. Simple to use! Just enter the IP Address of your server.
Works perfectly!
See the Demo for examples.

Features List:
Live Server Status Section:
- Web Server Status - online/offline
- Internet Connection - show/hide
- Internet Connection Port Number - show/hide
- FTP - show/hide
- FTP Port Number - show/hide
- MySQL - show/hide
- MySQL Port Number - show/hide
- Mail Server - show/hide
- Mail Server Port Number - show/hide

Live Server Performance Section:
- Average Load Time - [call/load/reply]
- Server Internet Speed - show/hide
- Server Uptime - days/hours
- Disk Usage - show/hide
- Ram Usage - show/hide

Install / Usage: Download the zip file. Install normally in Joomla back end. Go to modules and select Any Server Status module. Set IP address. Set options. Set pages to display on. Set module position. Publish and Save.
Display: This module is designed to be displayed in a 100% width module position. It is not meant to be displayed in a Side module position.
Notes: A sensible limitation is, you cannot hide a service and also display it's port number. This would make no sense.

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