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Joomla Amazon Affiliate:
Amazon is one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketplaces. Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners to create links and advertisement of Amazon products, and earn referral amount (commission), when a customers clicks the product you advertise and buy it from Amazon through your website. “Joomla Amazon Affiliate” plugin allows Joomla site admin to search Amazon Products from Joomla Editor and include in Joomla Content without leaving Joomla site. This plugin is used to advertise the Amazon products to your Joomla site. When a customer click on the advertisement link he will be redirected to Amazon site to purchase that product. Once a customer purchase the product an admin will get commission for that product.

-Allow admin to show Amazon products in Joomla content.
-Display Amazon products either in Grid view or in Slider view.
-Admin can directly search and add Amazon products from Joomla Content Editor using Search Button.
-Functionality to add multiple Amazon Marketplaces to add products with multiple tracking Id’s.
-Admin can add upto 10 Amazon products at a time to Joomla site content.
-It shows Amazon products information like Product name, description, price, Discount price, and Product image.
-Well integrated with Joomla.

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