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Gary Barclay, (Joomla Volunteer, Barclay.Works) & Eoin Oliver, (Joomla! volunteer, Square Balloon) showed some new amendments they had made to the www.joomlalondon.co.uk website.

The attend a meeting page has been updated to include the day as it previously only showed the day part of the date (e.g. 20th), as previously it day (e.g. Tuesday) month, and year. A good spot by {brian} and a good UX improvement. We have since made further UX improvements you can read about here.

Gary has updated the J & Beyond page with a timetable and some other cool styling. Currently these are images but they work well to highlight the programme which looks extensive and impressive.

It was pointed out that the J & Beyond time table could be created using an iFrame which would mean any updates were also reflected.

There are new sliders on every page giving a more impressive first impression. A diverse number of skills have been shown in the sliders.

  • Video Backgrounds
  • Parallax Effect
  • Animations

The sliders were created with Smart Slider 3 which is very powerful. It does not support native Joomla! overrides, which is disappointing. They support other CMS's aside from Joomla! and this is likely the reason.

Although it is listed as having a GNU v3 license, it may fall outside of these terms by the way it charges. For that reason it is not likely to be listed on the JED as far as we are aware at the time of writing.

Some members of the group stated that it had a large overhead in terms of the framework. This is true, but it’s the only way I personally can see how they can make it as powerful and flexible as it is (Eoin). They have managed to make nearly everything possible with the slider. If you only need a simple slider it is a huge overkill, but if you don't mind spending some time learning a tool, then it can achieve some great results. On our own website is is used as the header for our Hobbyist, Business Owners, Developers and Designers pages.

We hope these improvements make the site more attractive for people, and more shareable. It was also intended as a showcase as to what you can achieve with a Joomla! site.

It was noted that the off-site canvas is not styled particularly well or that useful. Gary & Eoin to consider how to improve this feature. Suggestions welcomed in the comments below.

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