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We discussed Learning Management Systems, due to the fact that Andrew is currently making an online Learning portal. It was pointed out that as well as advertising, the screentime.parsnip.io javascript plugin could be used to ensure people are actually doing the learning. Andrew is building a learning management portal, and it is important that he can prove the person has done the learning, as opposed to simply allowing the computer to be on a page for a certain amount of time.

Brian Teeman, (Joomla! founder) pointed out that the Joomla certification program will use a special software that will stop people from being able to alt tab, or Google the answers. Brian says the software is very good and can be found at https://safeexambrowser.org/

Andrews site is built on Shika, which has released a new version Shika 1.1. Shika is produced by Techjoomla.com.

Andrew was asked why he decided on Shika and Joomla as opposed to another service, Moodle was one of the CMS’s mentioned.

Andrew preferred Joomla over Moodle because the later was not commercial at the time. Shika is reasonably expensive at £700 but is preferable to other LMS systems that are out there which are £4,000-10,000 from other sources, including Moodle which has been commercialised by some companies.

Shika supports SCORM compatibility which is important for any LMS. SCORM is the LMS standard to ensure that training is cross compatible, much the same as you can use a DVD in any DVD player, SCORM allows learning to be cross compatible. Shika also measures how much time has been used and allows people to be engaged.

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