#JUGL meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month


The idea of a Joomla! User Group for London first came to me almost a year ago. A series of posts on the main Joomla! forum showed there was great interest in setting up some local meetings.

Joe and I have both been impressed with the community spirit shown by so many of the Joomla! contributors, both core and users.

We liked the idea that a user group could contribute to the community and together we made plans, looked for a venue and thought about what the group could do.


In the Spring Joe and I joined forces and formed SoftForge Ltd, which saw all of our time quickly swallowed up.

I have been a programmer for decades and a sole trader used Joomla! for over three years, but the discipline needed to run a company is very time consuming.

Joe was fresh from using Joomla! in some large university projects and had just won a Goldman Sachs award for one of the sites.

A month before Christmas we found a moment to ponder the idea again. We decided to act, bought the domain and contacted the relevant people in Joomla! It took almost 2 months to get everything processed and then Joomla 1.5.9 came out, so manic upgrading again took any spare time we had.

So now the site is here, the venue arranged and everyone interested can have a say in what Joomla! User Group London (JUGL) does. Already people have called and emailed to say they want to get involved.

If you register on the site we will keep you informed of any meetings and events that JUGL organises.

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