We hold #JUGL meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
The next one is scheduled for at 7pm.

Joomla London User Group (#JUGL) Monthly Meetup with special guest Elisa Foltyn


this months joomla london guest speaker elisa fortlyn

This month we are blessed to have guest speaker Elisa Foltyn attending all the way from Germany. Elisa will be providing us a talk on Custom Fields in Joomla! and has made a few herself. She's currently the team leader and mentor for the GSoC 18 Multi-language Association teamGSoC 18 Multi-language Association team. She's also a member of the Joomla! 4 Working Group and is the German translator for the Joomla! Exam Certification team. In the past she has been the Joomla design lead. So as you can see, she has contributed a HUGE amount to Joomla! and now she is willing to help you by doing a talk at Joomla! London - it's not to be missed.

She provided this excellent tutorial in the past: https://coolcat-creations.com/en/blog/tutorial-build-your-own-custom-field-plugin, you can find her other contributions on Github.  She has also talked at some of the Joomla! events and created some tutorials on the joomla.de website.

Our meetups are FREE

Agenda for this month's Joomla User Group London meetup

The meeting's are reasonably informal although we do have all the necessary resources to handle demos, slideshows etc.

The new season brings a new format to our meetups, now they look like this:

Pre Meeting (for Developers)
Pre 6pm - Coffee shop.
6pm - Developers meeting. Introductions.
6:10pm - Setting topic from the group. (It can be code based, a problem which a developer has and needs advice for or discussion on Joomla 4 development)

Main Meeting (for everyone)
7:00pm - Introductions.
7:10pm - Joomla news.
7:15pm - Surgery - a time to look at problems and for the group to find solutions. Preference will be given to people who are new to the group and those with the least experience with Joomla. It can be about a proposed site, an existing build or an established site with a problem.
7:40pm - New extensions. An opportunity to bring to the group any new extensions that members have come across. If you have a working version then please do bring details so we can share.
7:55pm - Establish the connection with the guest speaker or welcome them to the floor.
8:00pm - Guest Speaker time.
8:45pm - Questions for the guest speaker.
9:00pm - End meeting and off to a local Public house to continue discussions.


Hope to see you there.

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Joomla London User Group (#JUGL) Monthly Meetup with special guest Elisa Foltyn
Title: Joomla London User Group (#JUGL) Monthly Meetup with special guest Elisa Foltyn
When: Tue, 19th June 2018, 19:00 - 21:00
Where: UCL 6.12 Engineering Department - London, London
Category: London User Group Events


Location: UCL 6.12 Engineering Department - Website Malet Place London London WC1E 7JE United Kingdom
  Venue Custom Field 1: Room 6.12, Engineering Department Venue Custom Field 2: University of Central London